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Folsom Shopping Network

Let the Folsom Shopping Network help you sell your products and services

The Folsom Shopping Network is Here!


Folsom TV is bringing back the Folsom Shopping Network for local, small businesses. This year we are taking the “show on the road” and filming at your place of business! This will give you the opportunity to show off your retail space while highlighting some of your hottest products this holiday season!


Each business will get up to 10 minutes to pitch up to 5 products and at the end, we will give the viewer options to buy directly from the business  graphic with the prices of all the products including tax and the preferred online payment method to buy directly from their business.


  • A fully edited video to share on your website, social media, email campaigns, etc.
  • 4 Month membership to TownCoupon.com where you can create coupon campaigns to drive more traffic to your business. ($400 value)
  • Promotion on Folsom TV AND our social media pages.


Megan Demmel will be the host, and she will help guide you through the process. The Format for your time on camera is as follows:

  • Introduction – Megan will introduce you and give you a minute to talk about your business (Who, what, why, where)
  • Product “Show and Tell” – This is where you will be pitching your products (no more than 5) we will spend @ 2 minutes per product.
  • End Graphic – We will put a graphic on the screen with instructions on how to buy directly from you. This can include your Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, eCommerce Website, etc. If you don’t have any of those options, you can have the customers call, email, or text you their order info and you’ll be responsible for calling and collecting payments. We do NOT want the customer to send their credit card via text or eMail. 


Get your business featured on the Folsom Shopping Network!

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Folsom Shopping Network
Is my business eligible?
If your business is located in Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Orangevale, or El Dorado Hills, you are eligible.
Is there a cost?

Yes. For only $299, we will give you 10 minutes to pitch and sell your products, we then share the video to our social media platforms reaching 1000s of local shoppers!

Can I share this video?
Yes! We encourage you to share this video with your followers and on your website. We can help you!